Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lena Dunham in a bikini . . . sorry

lena dunham bikini gross

The season 3 trailer for the mystifyingly popular Girls is out and features at one point, the lead actress/creator/writer for the show in a bikini as seen above.

Canny marketing here as Dunham's less-than-perfect body is bringing out both sides of the spectrum in comments. My personal favorite was put out when the show first came out as one reviewer stated that Girls was the only cable series where fans were rooting for the lead character to keep her clothes on.


Predictably, the usual suspects (gay celeb bloggers, liberals, etc.) are lining up to defend Dunham's bikini escapade, claiming the usual haterism on the part of those maligning her for flaunting her un-model-like physique and saying that there's nothing wrong with her being comfortable in her own skin and owning who she is inside and out.

No problems there. But here's my thing -- Dunham doesn't just own who she is, she tries to push who she is on everyone else. She produces political advertisements for Obama, she's on Twitter and Facebook pushing her idea of what's correct in politics and throws shade at whoever disagrees with her or is on the other side of a political position.

So if that's her thing, as I said -- no problem. But better have thick enough skin because if you're going to put yourself out there, better be able to take a few shots.


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