Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mark Martin to drive the #14 for the rest of the season

As correctly predicted here [backpat] Tony Stewart will be out for the remainder of the 2013 NASCAR season. News out today says that Stewart has reached a deal to put Mark Martin in the #14 for remaining races except for Talledega, which will have Austin Dillon back in the car again.

I think this is a great deal for everyone involved. Martin is not only well liked and respected in the garage, he's still a hell of a driver. Had he not run out of gas on the white flag lap, it would have been Martin celebrating last Sunday at MIS instead of Logano.

Also well known, but not always talked about, is Martin's ability to mentor and work with drivers of all ages and experience levels. And I'm looking at Danica right here. She's done okay in her rookie season, but hasn't had the big increase in performance I thought she might have had by this point in her career.

It's possible there is no there there with Danica, but I doubt it. I believe she'll benefit from having Martin's avuncular tutelage in the garage on a daily basis.

I'm also pulling for Martin 'cause he's an old guy like me. And I'm always up for us old f*ckers getting a chance to show the young kids we can still get it done. So here's hoping (and expecting) to see Martin in the winner's circle sometime over the next 14 races.


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