Monday, August 5, 2013

New choice for Batman?

Theoretically, Zack Snyder will be basing the Man of Steel sequel to his Superman movie on the fabulous graphic novel by Frank Miller The Dark Night Returns and wants to be true to the original content of the novel.

Hold the phone! A comic adaptation true to the source material?! Who'd a thunk it? Certainly not MARVEL . . . assholes!!

Anyway, Miller's novel features an old and tired Batman who at one point takes on and nearly defeats Superman delivering one of the great lines in the genre:

"I want you to REMEMBER, all the years to your most PRIVATE moments...I want you to your THROAT...I to REMEMBER...the one man who BEAT you..."

Oooohhh . . .

Anyways, they're looking for someone to play the older version of Batman and some of the names sound better to me than others: Josh Duhamel, Jude Law, and Brad Pitt have me scratching my head. Gerard Butler seems a bit closer. Josh Brolin?!?! Not seeing that one.

But my thought is Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

the comedian

If you've seen The Watchmen and read Miller's Batman novel (and if not, why not?), Morgan seems like a perfect fit to play an aging superhero. He's got the requisite bulk, the salt & pepper beard and the ability to play a convincing psychotic killer.

That's my thought anyway.

So I guess it's gonna be Ben Affleck as Batman?! Hmmm . . .
Not seein' that one either. But I suppose it's better than Jude Law. lolz!


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