Thursday, August 1, 2013

Peavy changes Sox

I know . . . would have sounded cuter if I had been able to post this yesterday :-(

Anyway, the Red Sox made a last minute, three team deal to bring in veteran pitcher Jake Peavy from the White Sox. In Peavy, Boston gets a former Cy Young winner (2007) and three time All-Star. Additionally, the deal brings in another reliever (whose name I've forgotten) all for the price of all-glove-no-bat Jose Iglesias plus a few grapefruit league guys.

Was this a good deal? I don't know. Personally, I might have been willing to stand pat with who's on the team now. This kid Brandon Workman has impressed me in his three starts, and looks to be a solid guy to keep in the rotation. But Farrell and Cherry think Workman will be better in the bullpen with Peavy taking slow recovering Clay Buccholz's place.

Like I said -- I suppose. The guys are in first place again thanks to last night's win and a Rays loss. That may change tonight as Boston is getting shelled by the Mariners as I write.

Cherrington has earned my admiration for how he has re-tooled this team and brought them back from the brink so quickly, so I'll give him the nod on this acquisition. Possible that Peavy, who's been stuck with the last place White Sox, will burst out of the gate now that he's with a playoff bound team. And if he's the guy to help the Red Sox go deep this year -- then yahoo.

Fingers crossed


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