Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rule 5 Sunday -- Stacey Dash

stacey dash

This week's Rule 5 beauty is the lovely and brave Stacey Dash. Lovely because . . . well, that's sort of obvious isn't it. But the brave part comes from her willingness to go against the liberal lock-step that pervades Hollywood. Stacey has proudly gone public on many occasions with her conservative views and suffered the usual hate-filled backlash from the supposedly tolerant left for it. And yet she hasn't backed down. Good for her.

Recently she let the goddess Oprah have it, condemning the wealthy entertainer for her shameful race-baiting during the promotion of her new factually challenged movie. Beauty, guts, conservative . . . what's not to like about Stacey?

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stacey dashstacey dashstacey dash
stacey dashstacey dash playboystacey dash playboy

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