Sunday, September 1, 2013

One more thing on the Liberty Amendments if you can stand it

I got into a little back and forth on another blog over Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments. This guy, at least I assumed it was a guy, his avatar/name was non-gender specific (I hope that wasn't too heteropatriarchal of me...damn my male-centric world view...I'm so ashamed), and I had a fairly lengthy and spirited discussion on the merits of using Levin's suggestions as a template for moving this country back to the constituional republic vision of the founders.

His point was basically that the Constitution is perfect and needs no amending, we should follow the document as is. No matter what point I tried to make, he just had the same argument -- follow the existing Constitution, redouble our efforts, etc.

I admire the man's passions, but I think he's missing part of the picture here. He conjures in my mind the scene of a head football coach, running his tailback off tackle again and again for no gain. When a assistant suggests changing things up and maybe throwing the ball, the head coach points out enthusiastically that establishing the ground game is a time honored formula for taking control of a game and setting up the passing game. So on he goes, beating his team to death going three and out over and over, eventually losing the game though everyone tried their hardest.

Sometimes just saying "try harder" isn't going to get it done.

In 2010, bolstered by the Tea Party grass-roots revolution, conservatives retook control of the House of Representatives after eight years of Democrat control. Every one on the right was excited about the new enthusiasm of the Republican party and were predicting great things on the horizon. But by 2012, what did we get? The worst President in the history of this country re-elected by an electoral college (if not popular vote) landslide and no ground gained in retaking the Senate.

Those who advocate simply try harder are missing the plain facts of the situation. The entertainment industry -- music, television, and movies, is dominated by the liberal/socialist/progressive party. The broadcast news media, with the lone exception of FOX, is too. Same with the dinosaur print news/media complex. Citizens of this country are bludgeoned 24/7 by a relentless subtle, and often no so subtle, indoctrination into liberal/socialist/progressive doctrine.

Conservative/libertarian voters see this and can, and have, become weary of what looks like a losing battle. Scott Brown, anyone? What is needed is something to re-awaken their passion and desire to mobilize and get back in the fight. This is where I think Levin's book and ideas are key. It is a tangible cause to rally around rather than same old, same old. And in my humble opinion, I believe with the mid-terms coming up, a dangerous lame duck President, and the possibility of a determined left-wing drive to anoint the "inevitable" democrat candidate for President in 2016, we as conservatives have to get re-energized and quickly. I believe a push for a serious look at saving the Constitution and this country is the way to go.

If you haven't read Levin's book, I highly recommend it and suggest you share it with your friends and start some conversation on the subject. We can't just sit here beating our heads against the wall and hoping things will get better. We have to act. Now.


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