Friday, September 13, 2013

'Bout time Taylor got back in the game

For a while, I used to do this thing pitting Miley Cyrus against Taylor Momsen in a faux battle for being the top teen tart in music. Taylor pretty much had it won hands down as Miley was hampered by her Disney obligations/restrictions. But as we've seen recently, Miley's off the reservation now and bringin' the freak big time. I was wondering if Taylor would ever give me something to refresh my little competition.

Ask and ye shall receive . . . the poster for Taylor's new tour with her band is out:

taylor momsen/the pretty reckless tour poster

Yep. That'll do it   :-)

I've said before that I like Momsen's vocal stylings and I still think the band name is a bit of awesome perfection. I'd like to see what would happen if they could get some serious songwriting and production behind them, because I think the music scene could use a good female rocker right now.

But with a tour coming up, I think we can expect more of the following from Taylor which may tilt my little competition back in her favor:

taylor momsen topless in concert
taylor momsen topless in concert


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