Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well, that kinda sucked...Bucs lose 13-10

It looked like the qb change might do the Bucs some good for most of the game Sunday, but in the end it was another loss, 13-10 to the Arizona Cardinals.

Glennon looked like a rookie, going 24-43 for 193 yds, 1 td and 2 ints, for a qb rating of 54.4


The defense looked stout, keeping Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald in check most of the day. But a late interception deep in Bucs territory was the killer.

Glennon didn't get a lot of reps with the first team, so he's a bit unfamiliar with the starting receivers. He seems to have a good arm and nice touch on the short stuff. Schiano didn't air him out much, hard to say if that was a good thing or not. His footwork on handoffs and fakes could use some work. Maybe they can find Steve DeBerg and bring him in to tutor Glennon on that stuff 'cause DeBerg was the best for that.

Oh well. On to the next game  :-(

And a word about the Josh Freeman debacle -- Freeman and his agent are doing their best to tear the Bucs apart on the way out the door. Let's face it, and I've said this before, these world beating stats that Freeman and his supporters like to tout were compiled against prevent defenses in the fourth quarter of games where the Bucs offense had been shut down for three quarters. That's hardly something to hang your hat on.

I've seen people crabbing about how Schiano can't coach in the pros. Well thing is, his staff is almost entirely made up of coaches from the pros. He didn't bring in a staff of college guys to run the team. Most importantly, his offensive coordinator is the former qb coach of the Giants. You know, the guy who coached Eli Manning. Maybe you've heard of him? I think he might have a couple of Super Bowl MVP awards. Might be the guy who coached him knows a thing or two about quarterbacks. And if he's in Schiano's ear about Freeman not being the guy, then I'm putting my money on what the coach says. Not some newspaper writer or blogger who's never played a down of pro ball in his life.

Freeman's own teammates refused to vote him captain this year. The kid missed the team photo session and his own kids camp. That's hardly the sign of a dedicated player. Freeman says he wasn't feeling wanted by the team, so . . . pout.

I'm saying . . . you're getting paid motherf*cker! How about you man up and earn your salary and quit whining! Noted Buc failure Sean King is on the radio saying the team deserted Freeman and he's got all this talent, blah, blah . . .

What exactly are King's bonifides for barking like this again? Couldn't hold the starting job on a lousy Bucs team? Yeah. I'm real interested in his opinion.

If Freeman thinks this petulant whining in the press is going to win him a job with another team, either he's kidding himself or getting bad advice from his agent. No one wants to bring in a trouble maker with marginal talent to start with. I don't know what Freeman's college degree is in, but I hope he's got a fall back career, 'cause he might be b*tching his way right out of the NFL.

Then again, maybe he can do a radio show with Sean King.


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